Frequently Asked Questions

No. SFD is applying to Singapore`s Registrar of Societies to register as an independent non-governmental organisation that will focus on issues related to civil and political rights.
SFD wants to campaign on selected civil and political issues and advocate for legislative reform to ensure that Singaporeans enjoy meaningful democracy based on justice and equality as expressed in the National Pledge. For example, SFD will campaign and advocate for changes to the Films Acts to ensure that Singaporeans are able to fully explore this medium to express their political views.
SFD will take a multi-partisan approach, this means working in coalition and in partnership with individuals, NGOs, political parties that share a similar ideal to further democracy. The nature of the coalition and partnership is expected to be dynamic based on the type of civil and political issue. It will also offer counter arguments against those who promote anti-democratic ideas.
SFD's pro-tem committee is presently made up of Singaporeans who have had activist experience and a track record in promoting democracy as individuals, as NGO members or as political party activists in both the pre and post internet environment.
SFD welcomes members and associate members who have a shared objective to promote democracy, who believe in the importance of a multi-partisan approach and are willing to stand together with other SFD members. Although activists experience is welcome, it is not a pre-requisite. But SFD prefers members who want to go beyond discussions and blogging.
No. SFD is an independent organisation. However, it respects its members' rights to freedom of association, assembly and expression. SFD places no restrictions or conditions over its members' affiliations with other organisations.
We do not want spend time outlining differences with other organisations but rather to state that SFD focuses on citizen political activism, in particular to campaign and advocate for civil and political reform that will be ultimately reflected through changes in legislation. SFD is not affixed to any particular method of activism, it will be flexible and adapt as it goes along. SFD is not a discussion or a journalist group. It is an advocacy group.

SFD is a democracy NGO. Although its primary focus will be Singapore it will tap into other democracy issues, movements and organisations at the regional and global level. The purpose is to facilitate an exchange of ideas and to ensure regional and global solidarity with issues related to democracy. As part of our regional and global reach, we plan to have Singaporean focal persons in locations where there is a sizeable overseas Singaporean presence.

In current times not using the Internet is not an option. However, SFD will be specifically looking into Internet tools that can be used for social and political mobilization. We will also be using the internet to introduce innovations into how we hold SFD committee meetings, general meetings and voting on internal matters in order to include overseas based Singaporean members into SFD`s decision making processes.
We choose the name Singaporeans for Democracy because the words “Singapore” and “Democracy” are taken from the National Pledge and its fits naturally with our objectives and aims. However, we realise that various organisations have used or use different combinations of the same words to name their organisation. We are aware the term Singaporeans for Democracy was also once used by a now defunct website. SFD has no relationship with these organisations.